Glitter Steel Zipper Pullers

Glitter Steel Zipper Pullers

This kind of glitter steel zipper puller is very wonderful,and it just gives customers a feeling of satisfaction no matter from the color, shape, size and quality of products.So if you are interested in our product,you can send us the messages.

Product Details


Glitter Steel Zipper Puller1



100% brand new and high quality
Fix a zipper offers amazing solution to any size broken zipper. Easy to use, simply clip these metal tabs to your broken zipper for a quick fix without sewing. 
Made of high quality metal material, high-strength, superb electroplating process, not easy to fade. Easy to install, removable and reusable.
Works on most common zipper mishaps including split zipper tracks, broken sliders. It fits for jeans, skirts, golf duffle bags, sleeping bags, purses, jackets, suitcases, tents, etc.
Kit contains the most common sliders in outdoor gear for the repair of tents, purses, coats, sleeping bags, duffle bags, ski pants, backpacks, etc.


Glitter Steel Zipper Puller3

Glitter Steel Zipper Puller

Glitter Steel Zipper Puller2

How to install the zipper replacement:

1. Firstly, take off the metal stops on the top of the zipper tape, both side of metal stops should be taken off.
2. Move the slider to the top of the zipper tape, align the zipper teeth.
3. Install the slider into the zipper tape: make the left hand seize both side zipper tape, use your right hand to pull the slider down into the zipper teeth.
4. If you are tough to pull the slider into zipper teeth, you can use some wax or spay some oil to polish the zipper teeth to make it easier.

Material: Metal
Length: 11mm(0.43in)(approx)
Color: Steel Color
Quantity: 1 set(10pcs)