Zipper Carton In The Red Express World

- Jan 18, 2019-

A torn zipper carton, only listed for 3 years, has become the new favorite of many small and medium-sized brands, e-commerce companies.

At first glance, it may be no different from ordinary courier cartons, but it seems that there is no tape on the zippered carton, and it has a long zipper. Some people say that it is "intimate". Some people say that it is "high on the ground". Some people say that they will fall in love. What are the highlights? Today Xiaobian will explain to everyone.

A torn zipper carton: intimate, tall

Unpacking by hand, tearing open for three seconds

You must have received a lot of express delivery, but I dare say that in order to open the package, 11 of the 10 need to move the knife, move the scissors, and even have to go to the teeth when you are in a hurry.

A torn zipper carton: unboxing by hand

The birth of the zipper carton stems from the anger of the founder Xing Kai on the traditional express carton. More online shopping, but the express carton is harder to tear than one, which made him the Internet cosmetics brand at that time, determined to enter the packaging industry and created a zipper carton.

You must have experienced a similar tear-opening method on the biscuit box. This time, the R&D team “wrapped” the zipper on the express carton, without tape, tearing it open in three seconds, no need to find it again. Tools.

A torn zipper carton: test hundreds of times, to achieve a tear-open zipper

This seems to be a simple, light tear, but not as simple as imagined. A tear-designed zipper is only 2cm wide. It is not easy to find a balance between safety and tearing on such a narrow kraft paper. After countless sample tests and repeated hundreds of debuggings, it is a tear today. Open zipper.

Easy sealing without tape

Now, all the sellers are not willing to bear the loss of goods caused by violent logistics, the only way is to wrap the traditional express carton tightly and tightly, and the tape is ruthlessly wrapped around the express carton. .

Express delivery packaging is solid, but because the express carton and tape are difficult to separate, resulting in difficulty in recycling, the waste express carton will also cause serious environmental pollution during incineration and landfill.

And you can't see the tape on a zippered carton, and instead it's a wave of double-sided tape that has been developed by yourself. After repeated trials, this wave double-sided adhesive can ensure a firm bond under a certain pressure, and can withstand extremely cold and extremely hot environment (-40 ° C ~ 80 ° C), to ensure no cracking for more than 15 days. As a result, the average amount of glue used per carton is reduced by two-thirds. At the same time, the design of the wavy edge can achieve a second release paper, which can increase the sealing efficiency by at least half.

A zippered carton: easy to seal without tape

Pretty not like the strength

Interestingly, the most popular zipper cartons are packaging designers, because zipper cartons can achieve WYSIWYG. There is no entanglement of the tape, so that every zippered carton looks so refreshing and beautiful. Business owners have devoted a lot of human and financial resources to product development and design. I hope that every product has a good selling and good reputation, but you have neglected it. In the Internet era, customers are not seeing you at first sight. The product, but your packaging. A unique packaging is not only the best endorsement of the brand image, but also directly promotes the user's desire to purchase.

In an era of severe competition and homogeneity, simple packaging design has been unable to win the attention of consumers. The tearing is not only the link between the business owner and the customer, but also the unforgettable pleasure at the moment the customer tears open.