Zip Elements

- Nov 02, 2018-

The zipper is composed of a chain element, a slider, a limit code (front and rear code) or a locking member. Where the chain is off the key part, which directly determines the side pull strength of the zipper. Generally, the zipper has two chain belts, each of which has a row of fastener elements, and the two rows of fastener elements are staggered. The sliders are clamped on both sides of the fasteners, and the fastener elements on both sides can be engaged or disengaged by the sliders.

The details of the zipper component are:

1. A flexible belt woven from cotton yarn, chemical fiber or mixed chemical fiber for carrying tape and other zipper components;

2. ribbed bead The edge of the tape is used to carry the reinforcing portion of the metal or plastic element;

3. A rope rope refers to a rope composed of a plurality of fibers in the middle of the belt;

4. Chain scoops refers to teeth that have a certain shape after processing through materials such as metal and plastic;