What To Do If The Zipper Teeth Are Misaligned?

- Oct 26, 2019-

Regarding the misalignment of the tooth, it must be pulled. If the slider slides down during the dressing process, it should be replaced with a slider with a long tooth. After the good, it should be bonded as it is. Do not sew, so that you can change it next time. If the zipper lock is broken, you can only change the zipper lock. If it is not bad, follow the steps below:

1. First, put a large tooth on the top of the zipper with a pliers, and both sides should dial.

2. Pull the zipper lock to the top.

3. Then merge the two teeth together.

4, then put the zipper lock into it (there is a certain difficulty, because the metal zipper's diameter is relatively thick, if the real set does not enter, cut a small hole in the line, remember, do not cut in the center of the big tooth, should rely on The top of the center cut, otherwise the big teeth can not be loaded).

5, after the zipper lock is put in, it is OK to put the big teeth on it.

Or another way:

1. When the opening and closing is not smooth, if the chain is pulled hard, the population will be bitten. At this time, apply paraffin or lubricating spray [FASTENERMATE] on the surface and inside of the tooth, and then slide the slider several times to slide it easily.

2. The zipper on the bag with too many instruments installed. If the zipper is closed, the zipper is too strong, which will cause the teeth to leave the belt. This is quite serious in the zipper problem. Pull your teeth closer to make the chain easily close the zipper. It is best to take out some of the equipment in the bag, not to overfill it.

3. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain bit bites the line segment or the cloth and the pull head does not move. If the pull head is strong, the bite will be deeper and deeper. open. When you are completely biting in, do not pull the slider with great force. Please slowly pull the slider back. Also, when sewing the zipper, do not leave hidden dangers.