What Is The Process Of Making Metal Keychain

- Mar 28, 2019-

printing is mainly divided into lithography and stencil printing.

 1. Lithography: It is printed by C, M, Y, and K four-color dots, and the gradient is printed by four basic colors of dense CMYK.

 2, sticker printing: ordinary paper-based printing, and then attached to the metal sheet, must cover the AP. Sticker printing is also lithographic, just paper-bearing.

 Advantages This process is suitable for bitmap effects (photos) and gradient colors that are not visible in metal color. The disadvantage is that the color performance is not as good as the coloring process.

 3, stencil printing: the ink is directly printed on the metal surface, not necessarily to cover the AP. The advantage of this type of product is that the color is richer and stronger than lithography. Is a spot color, solid color printing

 The downside is that you can't do a gradient.

 4, pad printing: for non-planar stencil printing. It is printed on a solid or curved surface. Generally, screen printing can not touch the printing surface where printing is suitable for printing.

 The advantage is that the metal surface with undulating changes on the surface can achieve the effect that other processes can't do.

 The disadvantage is that the color is easy to fall off, the production is slightly more difficult, the yield is not high, and the price is relatively expensive.