What Are The Categories Of Metal Zippers?

- Mar 15, 2019-

According to size: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, zipper size changes according to the size of the middletooth. Because it is often used in jeans, coats and backpacks, its zipper size is larger.

According to the type: closed zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipper, zipp

Open zipper (detachable)

Double closed-tail zipper (x-zipper and double-zipper opposite or o-zipper and double-zipper opposite ends), double open-tail zipper (reverse split) imitated tooth material: Aoshi existing material types are aluminum alloy, brass, white copper, zinc alloy, etc. The color of metal imitated teeth is often plated according to the need, such as yellow aluminum imitated teeth, white brass imitated teeth, black nickel, bronze, red ancient copper, gold and other colors. The composition of metal zipper is the same as other zippers. The composition of metal zipper is also made up of cloth belt, imidator, zipper and limit code.

Cloth tape: The material is generally fiber tape, cotton ribbon or polyester ribbon, etc. Different materials can be selected according to different uses.

Imitate teeth: Most of the metal zippers on the market are made of aluminium alloy, brass, white copper, zinc alloy and other materials. Because the color of the imitate teeth on the metal zipper is electroplated, if improperly preserved, the imitate teeth will become black and pollute the clothing. Copper alloy middles are prone to oxidation, so it is necessary to ensure certain ventilation during preservation, not sealed preservation, and not in a humid environment, when necessary, the use of moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier.

Bronze, red bronze, white, yellow, black nickel, black and white nickel, matte silver. Usually, the color of metal zipper is the same as the color of the imitated teeth of metal zipper. According to the regulations, the common parameters of the pull head are as follows:



Limit code: divided into upper end (front code) and lower end (back code). The main function of the upper and lower stop is to prevent the puller from detaching from the midtooth.