Things To Aware Of When Producing PVC Keychains

- Mar 20, 2019-

PVC keychains are beautiful and generous, small and exquisite; the diversity of patterns is also made from rich imagination. Its patterns are diverse, heart-shaped, Christmas trees, butterflies, and all kinds of cartoons, all kinds of small animal shapes, very realistic, Very cute, beautiful and generous, is a fashionable ornament, loved by boys and girls. The product has the characteristics of softness, long service life and no irritating skin. It is a popular fashion accessory in Europe and the United States, and is also the best choice for new humans, so you can be cool!

It can be customized according to the size and shape that you want. The mold opening fee is generally not too expensive. The jewelry store has the most materials. The disadvantage is that the color is easy to become dull.

1, the first is the electronic scale and the oven, the countertop must be placed horizontally, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the weighing to cause the product to send over the glue during the dispensing process, resulting in defective PVC keychain!

2, when weighing the weight of the glue must be out of the weight of the container, to ensure the accuracy of the weight of the glue,

3, the production of the key chain of the abrasive must be clean, fresh, not in place will lead to key ring products, such as ripples, pitting, small holes and other defective products!

4, the key chain production glue must be stirred and symmetrical, or the glue will heat up and solidify, the product will burst. The color is uneven. The hardness of the glue is not uniform!

5, the workbench must be kept clean and free of dust, otherwise it will affect the transparency of the PVC keychain products and the spots of the soft rubber keychain products after heating and solidification

6. The abrasive tools that have just dropped the glue must be placed in the same place to be kissed and dried! If the temperature of the keychain is different, it will affect the quality of the next product.

7. The temperature of the production line should be kept at 24-26 degrees. The humidity of the working environment is too heavy, which will affect the surface oxidation of the PVC keychain. The color temperature of the product is too high, which will affect the curing of the keychain glue and the product. Service life

8. If the delivery period is very frequent, you can use the method of warming and curing, but you must concentrate on the same area and wait for more than 90 minutes before you can warm the test panel, and the temperature should be controlled within 65 degrees, if the PVC key The buckle is not very eager to catch the goods, please use the normal temperature of 28-35 degrees to cure the glue!