The Use Of Luggage Tags

- Mar 02, 2019-

Why do you want to hang luggage tags on your suitcase?
If you are a careful person, you will find a lot of flight attendants, railway staff, etc., there will be a luggage tag on their suitcases, and some passengers on the suitcases will occasionally see luggage. Card, then why do you want to hang luggage tag on the suitcase? What aspects does it have? Hang the luggage tag on the suitcase to prevent the baggage from being mishandled and dropped. This is a very important function of the luggage tag on the suitcase. In fact, many times we have had the experience that two or even the same suitcases will be found during the trip, even if they are not exactly the same, but similar It is also difficult to distinguish when the degree is high, so if you don't pay attention, you may get a wrong situation. So in this case, it is very necessary to choose to carry the luggage tag on the suitcase. In this way, the personal luggage can be made more conspicuous, even if it is not on other similar suitcases. The luggage tag can also be used for obvious recognition in this way. Therefore, this method can effectively prevent the baggage from being mishandled and dropped, which can well protect the safety of the baggage.

Hang the luggage tag on the suitcase. If you lose it, you can contact the owner. In addition to preventing the wrong baggage, the luggage tag on the trunk has a very important role, that is, the function of baggage retrieval. In general, there will be some remarks on the baggage tag, which is written by the owner of the baggage, including the owner’s name, contact number, contact address, etc. These are very important information and are written on the baggage tag. This information is used to prevent the suitcase from being lost if it is accidentally lost. No matter who is picked up by the suitcase or where the suitcase is located, you can contact the owner through the above contact number to prevent loss of property. In fact, this is a very important function of hanging luggage on the suitcase, effectively avoiding the loss of luggage.

Luggage tag on the trunk for easy consignment

Of course, the luggage tag also has a role to facilitate consignment. Sometimes, whether you are traveling or going out to study, you may have more luggage, and you have a very different aspect. Therefore, choosing to consign has become an option, but For each consignment station, how do you distinguish the owner of the trunk? At this time, the luggage tag will show its effect. Through the record of the consignment station and the name and telephone number left on the luggage tag, double insurance can be achieved, thus ensuring the safety of the luggage and avoiding various accidents.

Hanging luggage tag on the suitcase, more fashionable

Of course, today, the luggage tag on the suitcase is not the same as in the past. The luggage tag is now better in material quality and long in service life, such as soft luggage tag, and the luggage tag has various shapes and various cartoon characters. There are also a variety of shapes, looks beautiful, and can also be customized for the luggage tag, so that the luggage tag is also different, so it is not very fashionable to say such a luggage tag on the suitcase. What? Therefore, no matter from which point of view, if you are traveling, it is best to hang the luggage tag on the suitcase to make the trip more secure.