The Transformation And Upgrading Of The Traditional Zipper Industry

- Jan 11, 2019-

 According to reports, China, as the world's largest producer and exporter of zipper products, has about 3,000 zipper manufacturers and zipper industry practitioners. China is the world's largest producer of clothing and luggage, which has led to huge demand for zippers in the domestic downstream industry. Geographically, China's zipper manufacturers are mainly distributed in the southeast coastal areas, such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, etc., closely linked with the clothing and textile industry cluster.

 The future development of China's zipper industry is still huge, which can be confirmed from the following aspects:

  The traditional clothing and luggage industry is still maintaining steady growth.

The personalized development trend of  clothing makes the function and decoration value of zipper accessories increase, and the demand for zippers in unit clothing bags increases.

In addition to application in the apparel industry, zippers will be increasingly used in other areas such as functional uniforms, agricultural production equipment, home decoration and so on.

As far as garment accessories are concerned, zippers and buttons are considered to be the most common ones, with low unit value, low proportion of downstream costs, and higher unit gross profit margin. However, compared with buttons, the zipper has a high degree of standardization, high functional requirements, high level of precision technology, and the value of the unit product is higher than the button, and the scope of use is also wider.

The upgrading of the zipper industry and the industrial transformation have also promoted the development of zipper personalized customization, requiring zipper enterprises to pay more attention to providing quality services, and constantly designing and developing high-end products to create zipper brands.

 According to statistics, in recent years, the total number of patent applications of zipper enterprises in China has far surpassed that of Japan and other countries and regions, and the quality of patents has been continuously improved, and the development trend has been significantly enhanced. It can be said that China has gradually become the main force of technological innovation in the zipper industry.

Since its establishment, SBS zipper has been paying attention to technological innovation for more than 30 years, and is committed to applying innovative technologies to actual production to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional zipper manufacturing. So far, SBS has more than 380 authorized patents, including 116 invention patents, 221 utility model patents and 44 design patents.

As we all know, science and technology are the primary productive forces and play an important role in the national economy. On the road of future development, innovation is the core of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional zipper industry.