The Subversive Nissan GT-R Smart Keychain Concept Design

- Jan 21, 2019-

We are increasingly using smartphones, as well as for cars, which can be activated by tapping on the screen of a smartphone, heating the seat or locking the door. However, some owners may still want to equip their vehicles with a separate key, but it does require more than just a simple door to unlock the engine, but a smart keychain.

The idea behind the Nissan GT-R's smart key concept is not practical, and if so, the current smartphone application is sufficient. Instead, it wants to build deeper connections between the driver and the car without sacrificing the smart features provided by smartphone apps.

  The solution presented by this concept naturally involves a key fob with a touch screen. It's a single-function device with a custom application that provides users with a touch interface that not only controls their car's remote control, but also monitors critical states, with a large button on top that functions like Buttons on most keychains lock and unlock the doors. You can swipe up from the bottom of the key fob to go to the screen that starts and stops the engine. Everything is swiped or tapped.

   This is undoubtedly an interesting concept, but like many concepts, it requires someone to actually adopt these ideas and turn them into products. Given that these are the cars we are talking about, it will be Nissan itself, or some other car manufacturer interested in this idea. However, whether it is safer and safer than a smartphone may be a problem left by the designer for the engineer.