The Role Of The Back Of The The Jeans

- Mar 07, 2019-

Since the American gold rushers in the last century put on their jeans, this seemingly rough trousers has gradually become the fashion of the fashion industry. Today, jeans are not only the clothing that young people love, but even many elderly people love to wear them. So, friends who like to wear jeans, have you noticed what the jeans are used for?

Although the style of jeans is long and short, most jeans have a business card-sized leather label in the place where the belt is placed on the back waist. What is the use of the jeans back waist label? Is it necessary to exist for a long time? First of all, the skin label at the back waist is old, not recently. In 1936, Lee, the famous jeans brand, introduced the back waist label. In the past, this position was not leather-marked. Therefore, this time, it was also a revolutionary innovation and a successful brand promotion. The first such Lee, because of this logo, fulfilled its position in the jeans world and became a symbol of jeans. The jeans of other brands saw that Lee had become the boss of jeans because of the addition of such a leather label, so he began to follow suit. For a time, there was such a leather label behind the jeans.

The most useful use of this type of skin label is to put the company's brand on it, so that people who buy jeans can see at a glance. At the same time, this is also the place where jeans designers show their design ability and talent. Many jeans buyers, when buying jeans, the first thing is whether the card is present, and then it depends on whether you want the brand. What you want, the existence of the trousers is a pass. Without the pants, the sales of jeans will be affected. Therefore, for young people who are pursuing fashion and brand, this conspicuous trousers on jeans can show their taste and make a difference.

Secondly, the jeans pocket is not only a sign of identity, but also has many practical functions. Anyone wearing jeans knows that the waistband of jeans is generally loose, so it is generally equipped with a belt, and the belt of jeans will not be that. A small belt, but a very large belt, this belt is very suitable for the atmosphere of jeans. When the belt is passed through the waistband, there is such a leather label that it can function as a fixed belt. Because the belt of the jeans is to pass through the leather label, the leather label is relatively large, just to prevent the belt from falling off.

So, don't underestimate the skin label on the jeans, its practical function is still very powerful.