Sino-German Cooperation To Solve Zero Discharge Of Electroplating

- Jan 17, 2019-

During the German Chancellor Merkel's visit to China, Jieyang City of Guangdong Province and the German side jointly signed two projects, namely the joint construction of the German advanced technology promotion center and the electroplating zero-emission cooperation project. This is also the only prefecture-level city in the country to sign two cooperation documents at the same time.

Yan Zhiwei, secretary of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee, said that Jieyang will take advantage of the successful signing of the project to promote the German advanced technology, especially the introduction of advanced German environmental protection technology to settle in Jieyang, and strive to create the German advanced technology introduction center and the German advanced equipment localization center to promote the tradition. Industrial transformation and upgrading.

Among them, the electroplating zero-emission cooperation project is jointly developed by Guangdong Jieyang Zhongde Metal Group Co., Ltd. and Germany Antec-Gerting Water Technology Co., Ltd., based on Sino-German Metal Eco-city, to solve the industry of energy saving, clean production. Bottleneck, realize the regional “production-emission-recycling-production” as an integrated environmental recycling industry model, namely “wastewater diversion, sorting treatment; water reuse, metal recycling”, which fundamentally solves the environmental protection of electroplating and pickling industries. , energy consumption issues, and is committed to promoting this zero-emissions model to other metal industry clusters in China.

    It is understood that after nearly three years of construction, the first phase of the first phase of the Sino-German Metal Eco-city Zero Emission Surface Treatment Center, the Sino-German Cooperation Innovation Base, and the Sino-German Forest Park has been basically completed, with an accumulated investment of 4.02 billion yuan.

    “The electroplating wastewater treatment technology of the project concentrates on the advanced processing technology and design concept of Sino-German countries. It is synthesized by a number of technologies, such as a classified diversion collection system and an evaporative concentration treatment system. Each system has advanced single-item treatment technology.” According to the relevant person in charge of Sino-German Metal Group, in the process of technology, wastewater treatment ideas such as wastewater diversion, sorting treatment, water purification and metal recycling are adopted. According to the actual situation of electroplating enterprises and the chemical composition and pollution factor of electroplating wastewater, wastewater will be used. Divided into 8 categories, through the collection and classification of classification, the recovery of heavy metals and salt resources and the reuse of water, fundamentally solve the environmental protection and energy consumption problems of the electroplating and pickling industries.