Problems And Solutions Often Encountered In Zippers

- Oct 26, 2019-

1. The iron edge on both sides of the zipper falls off

Repair method: You can fold one end of a staple inward to make it parallel to the iron and straighten the other. According to the length of the zipper iron edge, the excess portion of the staple is cut off from the straight end. After the cut, the staples should be placed on the original iron edge. The folded back is placed underneath, flush with the bottom edge of the zipper, and the other end is folded to the same point. Then use the windbreaker needle to stitch the two stitches back and forth in a tightly stitched manner, and wrap the staples in the inside, the width should be equal to the original iron edge; the bottom edge of the book staples should be tightly zippered, the seams should be flat, and then the wax is touched. In a moment, the maintenance effect is the same as the original iron edge.

2, zipper missing teeth

Maintenance method: Use the pointed mouth or the camera to open the zipper teeth and remove a few teeth in the original tail. After installing the tooth on the tooth, apply the tip to gently press the tooth on the edge of the cloth. Just bite.

3, the zipper can not pull

Sometimes the zipper can't be pulled open, or it can't be pulled in the middle. This is because the teeth of the zipper are smashed, or the fibers of the tape are loose. If the zipper's teeth are smashed, you can use a steel needle to straighten it, then flatten it, and then use a small forceps to gently flatten the zipper teeth, and the zipper will work. If the tape is loose, you can pull the tapes that do not match, and evenly arrange the teeth of the zipper, you can pull them.

4, the zipper is not smooth

First, the chain teeth are rusted or contaminated with dirt; the second is the inclusion of cloth and the like in the head. The former, just use the wax to gently rub on both sides of the zipper, you can slide freely; the latter, you should slowly return the key to the original place, to remove foreign bodies.

5, the zipper is not close to the supervisor

Because of the long time of use, the spacing between the upper and lower pieces of the chain head was changed by Jiangda or changed. Just use pliers to clamp up and down or left and right, but be careful not to use too much force to avoid pinch.

6, zipper slippery tips

The zipper is damp or rusted, oxidized, not smooth when pulled, and when the force is not pulled, such as using a candle to rub back and forth on the two rows of teeth, and baking it on the fire, it is very slippery when pulled. .

7. If the zipper is pulled, it will burst open.

This kind of problem is because the puller pulls for too long, the caliber becomes bigger. If you want to solve it temporarily, use pliers to clip the tail of the pull head. Just pay attention to the tail, but be careful not to use too much force or pinch. If you want to solve it completely, you have to replace the slider.