Open End Nylon Coil Zipper

- Jan 21, 2019-

Open zipper

The open zipper is a kind of zipper. It refers to the zipper made of copper, white copper or aluminum. It is stronger and more expensive than nylon zipper and resin zipper. It is mostly used in jeans, jackets and backpacks. .


The open zipper is a connecting piece that relies on continuously arranged fastener elements to make the articles merge or separate, and is now widely used for clothing, bags, tents, and the like. 1. A fastener consisting of a row of metal teeth or plastic teeth on each of the two belts for connecting the edge of the opening (such as clothes or pockets), and a sliding member for pulling the two rows of teeth into the interlocking position to close the opening. ; 2, attached to something (as an object being lifted or dropped) to tighten, stabilize or guide the chain of the object.

Open zipper assembly

1. A flexible tape woven from cotton, chemical fiber or mixed chemical fiber for carrying tape and other zipper components;

2. Banded bead The edge of the tape is used to carry the reinforcing portion of the metal or plastic element;

3. Rope rope refers to a rope composed of multiple fibers in the middle of the belt;

4. Chain scoops refers to teeth that have a certain shape after processing through materials such as metal and plastic;

5. The core wire is made of multi-strand fiber strands and is used for the production of nylon zipper chain.

6. Chain chain refers to teeth that are arranged in series;

7. One chain zipper chain The fastener chain is fixed on the tape to be called a fastener chain;

8. The chain zipper chain is meshed by two chain links;

9. The top stop is fixed on the fastener chain to limit the slider of the fastener chain when the fastener chain is pulled;

10. The bottom stop is fixed on the fastener chain to limit the slider from slipping out of the fastener chain when the fastener chain is opened, and the stoppers on both sides of the fastener chain are not completely separated;

11. Front and back head Back and forth head tape The belt with no element on the zipper is called the lead, the upper end is the front lead and the lower end is the rear lead;

12. A cannula (also called a pin) pin separable is attached to the end of the open zipper for completely separating the tubular members of the chain;

13. The socket retainer is fixed at the end of the open zipper for completely separating the blocks of the chain;

14. Double-opening member Two pin is used with the cannula for the tubular member on the double-opening zipper;

15. Reinforcing tape The tape is used to enhance the bonding strength of the intubation, socket and tape, and to improve the service life of the zipper;

16. A slider that engages and pulls the moving parts of the element;

17. The puller puller is a component of the slider, which can be designed into various geometric shapes to be coupled with the slider body or coupled to the slider body through the intermediate member to realize the zipper opening and closing;

18. The intermediate connector the connecter connects the intermediate body of the slider body and the pull tab;


The height of the slider is 2.6-2.7MM, the width of the mouth is 4.75-4.85, the width of the combination is 4.55±0.05, and the thickness is 2.4±0.05.

Closed tail: When the pressure is up and down, the temperature, injection delay, and dwell time should be adjusted appropriately. If the closed zipper size is about 15CM, when there is a certain amount, the two rows of the microphone can be used to stop. If you have the right size, you can also do it one by one.

Open tail: When ordering, be sure to take the lead? FONT face="Times New Roman">4.5cm, (17 mics), the sound of the tape is clear, uniform left and right, about 1.5mm from the teeth, guaranteed to play The hole crochet can be hooked and the word is opened.

Press adjustment: high pressure does not exceed 100kg/cm2, injection pressure 40kg/cm2, pressure 30kg/cm2, low pressure 10kg/cm2 or less, high pressure, pressure holding cooling time should be above 0.1 second, depending on the actual product (zipper model) ) Adjust it again.

Factors that are prone to defective products: Lucy (because the upper and lower mold positioning pins are broken, is it appropriate) The bolts fall off (whether the injection pressure is appropriate, whether the holding pressure and cooling time are sufficient) The square cloth seam is small (the pressed zipper is to be cooled) After wearing the slider)

Open zipper selection

Cloth belt: Since the raw material of the metal zipper tape is composed of different kinds of filaments such as polyester thread, stitch, and core thread, the component and colorability are different, so chromatic aberration easily occurs on the same zipper. When selecting the tape, you should choose to dye evenly, and there is no turbidity point. The cloth tape made of different fabrics is mainly soft to the touch.

Microphone teeth: The metal teeth of the metal zipper are also electroplated, so you must pay attention to whether the surface plating is uniform or not, and whether there is any color flower, whether it is smooth when pulling up and pulling the zipper. After the zipper is pulled, it must be observed whether the left and right teeth are engaged with each other. The asymmetric zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of the zipper.

Pulling head: The metal zipper pulls more shapes, and the finished product can be small and delicate, and can also be rough and majestic. However, no matter what kind of slider, it is necessary to feel whether the pull of the slider is free, and whether the zipper can not be pulled or closed. Nowadays, the sliders on the market are equipped with self-locking devices, so after pulling the zipper, it is necessary to check whether the zipper will slide down after the lock is fixed.

Limit code: The upper and lower ends must be fastened to the microphone or clamped on the microphone. It must be perfect.


When cleaning or processing clothing, pay attention to:

1. After the wool knitwear is ironed, it is necessary to ensure that the zipper is fully cooled before it can be packaged. Otherwise, the metal zipper will easily change color after reacting with water vapor.

2.After processing the clothing products, it is easy to leave some chemical reagents, and it is easy to react with the metal zipper at this time. Therefore, before assembling the metal zipper, it is necessary to ensure that the leather has been thoroughly cleaned and neutralized.