Nylon Coil Zipper

- Jan 24, 2019-

Necessary for Diversified Nylon Zipper Clothing
Nylon zipper is a kind of zipper. It is made up of nylon single filament winding center line by heating and pressing. According to the material of zipper, zippers are divided into three categories: metal zipper, resin zipper and nylon zipper. Metal zipper teeth are discharged by copper wire or aluminium wire through tooth arranging machine, resin zipper teeth are discharged by polyester plastic rice through dye matching and injection molding machine, while nylon zipper teeth are made up of nylon monofilament winding central line by heating and pressing die. Compared with metal zipper and resin zipper, nylon zipper has the characteristics of low cost, high output and high popularity. 

Breed variety
Nylon zippers can be classified into 

1. Closed-tailed zippers
2. Open-tail zipper (left and right insertion)                                                                                                    3. Double closed-tail zipper (X or O)                                                                                                                4. Double open-tail zipper (left and right insertion)

1. Tape tape Flexible tape made of cotton yarn, chemical fibers or mixed chemical fibers for carrying chain teeth and other zipper components;

2. Bead with ribs the edge of the ribbon is used to carry the reinforced part of metal or plastic chain teeth.

3. A rope consisting of multiple strands of fibers in the middle of a rib;
4. Chain teeth scoops refers to teeth with certain shape after processing of metal, plastic and other materials;
5. Core filler cord is made of multi-stranded fibre thread, which is used for the production of nylon zipper tooth chains.

6. Dental chain refers to the continuous arrangement of teeth;

7. Tooth chain band_one_side_zipper_chain_Tooth chain is fixed on the cloth belt to be called tooth chain band; 

8. chain band zipper_chain_is formed by the meshing of two side tooth chain bands;
9. The top stop is fixed on the tooth chain, and the pull head slides out of the tooth chain when the tooth chain is closed;
10. bottom stop fixed on the tooth chain, the pull head slides out of the tooth chain when the stop chain is opened, and makes the two sides of the tooth chain not completely separated from the stop parts; 

11. front and rear lead back head tape the cloth belt without chain teeth on the zipper is called the lead, the upper end is the front lead, and the lower end is the rear lead;
12. Pin separable fixed at the end of the open-end zipper for pipe-shaped parts that completely separate the chain belt; 

13. socket box retainer fixed at the end of the open-end zipper for square pieces that completely separate the chain belt; 

14. double-open-end gear two pin a kind of pipe-shaped gear matched with the socket for the double-open-end zipper; 13. socket box retainer fixed at the end of the open-end zipp
15. Strengthened tape tape Composite sheet used to enhance the bonding strength of intubation, socket and cloth belt, and to improve the service life of zipper;

16.Pull head slider The moving parts that make the chain teeth mesh and pull apart;

17. puller is a component of the puller, which can be designed to connect various geometric shapes with the puller body or to connect with the puller body through the middleware to realize the opening and closing of the zipper;.
18. Intermediate connector The connector Intermediate element for connecting pull body and pull piece;

1. Nylon zippers can be used in various occasions, but generally prefer to be used in sports clothes, shoes, bedding, bags, tents. 8594 A kind of
3. Nylon zipper is mainly made of polyester, which is a kind of zipper with low cost. It is also a favorite zipper in the current market.

Installation Method
(1)First, prepare nylon zippers and the materials that need zippers;.
(2) Use 1.5 cm wide seams where zippers need to be installed. First, sew the seams sparsely and then ironing them separately. If you don't need a zipper for the entire seam, the needle spacing for the non-zipper seam should be slightly smaller, and the starting and ending positions should be fixed with a reverse needle;.
(3) Align the nylon zipper face down with the seam in the middle, and fix it with the seam by hand stitch;
(4) Turn the cloth to the front and install a single-sided pressing foot for sewing zipper on the sewing machine, push the pressing foot down to the right side of the machine needle, start from the right side of the opening of nylon zipper, press a clear thread on the fabric with 0.7 cm seam; (5) When one side is sewed and ready to sew on the other side, first look at the position of the bottom zipper wrap iron, if you can avoid it, you can turn it directly. Bend 90 degrees and let the needle cross over the zipper to the other side to start stitching. When turning, the machine needle should be placed in the lowest position, then the press foot should be raised, and then the press foot should be lowered to continue sewing after turning. When sewing over the zipper teeth, do not step on the electric motor, but turn the sewing wheel by hand so that the needle carefully crosses the nylon zipper teeth, so as to avoid needle breakage;.
If the wrapping iron is just in the turning position, then you have to push the foot down to the left of the machine needle and sew a clear line on the left from the opening. Be careful not to forget to reverse the needle at the beginning and end of the line pressing. Finally, remove the sparse seams on the cloth;.
For those skilled in vehicle method, it is not necessary to dredge the seams first, but for novices, it is necessary to take more steps in the production process. Although it is a little troublesome, it can ensure satisfactory results.