Mobile Phone Accessories

- Jan 04, 2019-


The so-called mobile phone accessories are undoubtedly referring to the directly related accessories used in the use of mobile phones, which is what we usually call mobile phone secondary products. Mobile phone accessories mainly include two types of built-in mobile phone accessories and external mobile phone accessories.

Built-in mobile phone accessories

(Note: built-in mobile phone accessories referred to as mobile phone parts) LCD screen, touch screen, case, battery, earphone, charger, cable, small board, IC, send, listen, ring, vibrator, antenna, card seat , Cato, ear, touch, camera, switch key, lock button, touch pen, data cable, video cable, adapter, collector, card reader, face shell, middle panel, battery cover, etc.!

External mobile phone accessories

Multi-screen interactive accessories, protective film, water jacket, net shell, lanyard, stylus, mobile power, back clip, etc.


Protective case

The outer casing of the mobile phone is stamped and formed by abrasive tools.

The outer casing of the mobile phone is mainly made of plastic: from the material can be divided into ABS, PA nylon, PA12, ABS + PC alloy, PA66, PVC, TPU, HDPE, PC polycarbon, PP poly (B) HIPS to benzene (C) , LDPE, LLDPE, PBT polyester, PET, POM formaldehyde, PPO, PMMA, etc.; according to the use can be divided into ordinary grade, temperature grade, flame retardant grade, impact grade, electroplating grade. According to the characteristics of each mobile phone brand, the mobile phone casing manufacturer has processed a series of personalized mobile phone casings for users to replace.


The battery is divided into three types: nickel-cadmium, nickel-hydrogen and lithium batteries. The nickel-cadmium battery has been basically eliminated due to standby, short talk time and memory effect. Commonly used nickel-metal hydride and lithium batteries, in the same volume, lithium battery standby, talk time is longer than nickel-metal hydride batteries, but the price is higher than nickel-metal hydride batteries. But no matter which battery you choose, each phone is best equipped with two batteries or a mobile power supply, so you don't delay the call because there is no backup battery. 


Mobile phone chargers can be roughly divided into travel chargers (universal chargers), seat chargers and maintenance chargers. The main users are mainly in the first two. The most popular ones in the market are travel chargers. There are also many types of travel chargers. The common ones are cheap duck egg type miniature travel chargers, ordinary desktop card type chargers, and high-end desktop charging with liquid crystal display. Device.

1. It can charge the battery separately, or directly charge the mobile phone.

2. Make the battery charge more balanced, reasonable and full.

3, its design has a special protection circuit to prevent battery over-charge and extend battery      life.


The headset is divided into two types: Bluetooth headset and remote headset. The application of the earphone on the mobile phone greatly facilitates the user, frees both hands, and facilitates friends like driving or working.

1. When driving or busy, you can answer the phone without hands-on, so that you have more free space and security.

2. When you are in a meeting, you can talk quietly without losing your face.

3. Keep the phone away from the head and reduce the radiation from the radio to the head.

mobile power

The mobile power supply can directly supply or charge the product through the DC power input interface of the electronic product, and generally the lithium battery or the dry battery is used as the power storage unit. A battery that is different from the internal configuration of the product, also called an external battery, can be used to replenish power to mobile phones, notebooks, digital cameras and other devices.

The concept of mobile power is developed with the popularity and rapid growth of digital products. It is defined as a large-capacity portable power source that is easy to carry. The functions of digital products are increasingly diversified and used more frequently. The question of how to improve the use time of digital products and maximize their functions is important. Mobile power is the best solution to solve this problem. With a single power supply, you can supply power (power or charge) to a variety of digital products anytime, anywhere.

Data line

Data canle: Its role is to connect mobile devices and computers for data communication purposes. It is popular to say that it is connected to a computer to transmit a file such as a bell image or as a path tool for charging.

Mobile phone film

The mobile phone protective film is a cold laminating film that can be used to mount the surface of the mobile phone body, the screen and other tangible objects. According to the principle of film mounting, it can be divided into: adhesive film, electrostatic film, etc. In fact, the mobile phone film is not only limited to the mobile phone, but also can be equipped with MP3, MP4, computer screen, mouse, speaker and any physical items to be protected. Because it was originally widely used in the beauty of mobile phones, it was named "mobile phone film". Because the mobile phone attached to the mobile phone film can be renewed and bright, it can not only renovate the old machine, but also waterproof and prevent dust from entering. The keyboard and the screen play a protective role, so people commonly call it a mobile phone cosmetic film and a mobile phone protective film.

The back cover is easy to carry and protects the phone. Avoid collisions, crushing and causing damage to your phone.