Magical Use Of Metal Keychain

- Mar 22, 2019-

Whether you are at home or on the go, we will always encounter some "small troubles." The glasses feet that have been loosened by the screws, the household appliances that have been ruined for a long time, and the bicycles that suddenly broke down on the road...

However, even if you are at home, you are thrown into the glove room of the utility room by your "occupation of the place". It is too difficult to bring your body at any time. If different tools can be packaged into a small thing like a compressed file, how good is it?

Each string of metal keychains has a trim each. The string in the family is buckled with a plastic pattern of three people riding bicycles side by side; the parents' home is equipped with a cute little urchin; and the string of the office is an exaggerated cartoon woman. Every time I open the door, I first explore the small jewelry on the metal keychain, and then open the door accurately. The key in the family, against the large iron gate, security door, wooden door on the first floor of the sundries, the weight is not light. The metal keychain accessories of the three-person bicycles have been rubbed a bit fuzzy, but it is still clear that the three people on the same side of the bicycle are on the same bicycle, and they are struggling to step in the same direction. The car at the foot seems to be rushing forward against the wind. Opening this door opens up the most authentic and trivial world. The original appearance of life, filled with rice and oil, is more unremarkable.