Little love key ring Become a special old man amulet

- Jan 04, 2019-

This keychain looks small and simple, and it carries a powerful function. The staff of the Warm Love Charity Service said that in recent years, the tragedies of elderly people who have been lost due to lack of effective guardianship or sudden illness have caused frequent deaths and injuries, which has brought endless pain to families and society. Therefore, they teamed up with the civil affairs department and the science and technology research and development institutions to carefully develop this love and help keychain, and use the information to load the personal information of the guarded elderly, realizing 24-hour all-weather real-time monitoring without dead ends, and sent them to the old people. A "amulet". At the event site, the staff introduced the function of the keychain for the elderly who needed to wear the keychain, so that the elderly could understand the role of the keychain.

The keychain is printed with a two-dimensional code, which collects useful information such as the identity information of the elderly, home address, blood type, related medical history and past drug allergy. If the elderly loses or accidents, the rescuer can scan the keychain. The two-dimensional code on the front allows the elderly to get help in time to avoid regrets for the family and society.