Keep The Beautiful With The Keychain

- Jan 08, 2019-

Design the story.

“From the 20th anniversary of the high school art class, the designer received the task assigned by the squad leader and made souvenirs. I hope that not only a badge type, but also a certain practical value, it is even better to carry it with you. With this good wish, I opened up the long-lost classmates. When I left a strange and familiar name, the beautiful memories slowly emerged... I hope to keep this good, so I made this memory "box". It can hold our photos, can hold a small leaf on the road, can hold the small insect specimens you made, and most importantly, pretend that memory.

  Originally only a class souvenir, the mass production was finally put on the market, because the designer has always had a wish, "retaining good", is also the design concept of this keychain.

  In the standard package, there are a total of 54 LOGOs, world-renowned football club logos and anime logos. There are also 9 blank tags for you to use your creativity.

  Continued to open the heart of the packaging, this keychain uses natural Rafin grass as a filler, shock absorption is also very environmentally friendly.

  This is not an ordinary keychain, but a beautiful wish, hoping to keep good things around.