How To Protect The USB Cable

- Feb 02, 2019-

As we all know, the loss of USB data lines is very high. According to market research reports, consumer users are replacing USB data lines with a very large expenditure. Many consumer friends are asking what is there in the small series. How can the USB data cable last longer? So today's USB data line brand ranked first seller to come to answer this doubt, tell everyone how to protect their own data line.

First, you want to make the life of the USB data cable effective, so you need to pay more attention to it when you use it. Perhaps many consumers and friends did not pay too much attention. When plugging and unplugging the data cable, they were forced to pull it out. Even some consumer friends would pull the data cable remotely to disconnect it from the charging head. But this is a big tab for USB data cable. Many pulls do not see any impact in a short period of time, but the amount of change will cause qualitative changes. Regular USB data line production companies have pointed out that pulling the data line forcefully is the main cause of data line damage. Therefore, when pulling the USB cable, don't be so simple and rude, be gentle, and pay attention to the insertion and removal techniques.

Second, avoiding close to the heat source is a good protection for USB data lines. Although the data lines on the market today have high-end data lines for anti-open flames, the skins of the data lines are mostly gel-like. If they are close to the heat source, they will cause thermal expansion and contraction. As the number of times increases, it may cause The data line is broken, so you should take care to avoid getting close to the heat source when using the USB cable.

Third, the spring protection interface can be installed for the USB data cable. This method is also the most popular way to protect the data cable on the Internet today. This method is very simple, and it is almost zero cost. Just take out the used ballpoint pen spring, then stretch it, slowly loop into the data line, and then rotate it to fix it. But in this process you need to pay attention and carefully scrape your hands. When the spring-protected interface is installed, the connector of the USB data cable can be prevented to some extent due to pulling.