Delicate IPhone Date Cable

- Jan 09, 2019-

Before the Spring Festival, we received a complaint from the consumer Mr. Wang, saying that the iPhone 6 data cable that I used had broken a lot of roots, and basically started from the data line interface rubber peeling off until the data line was broken and could not be used. "Daily Economic News" reporters online search found that this is not an individual phenomenon, many consumers have encountered this situation in the process of use.

Mr. Wang took out the data cable of the Apple mobile phone that he used. The interface was damaged and he could barely use it after wrapping it with multi-layer tape. He said that many friends around the world have encountered such a situation, the data line worth 100 yuan will be broken in less than a few months, and friends who use other brands of mobile phones, a dozen or twenty The data line can be used for a long time, which really makes him puzzled.

Mr. Wang said that in Huaqiang North, he bought a domestic Apple data cable for 18 yuan, which was used normally at first. However, after the Apple iOS system version was upgraded, the data cable could not be used normally. Every time you connect to a computer, the phone automatically prompts “This cable or accessory is not certified and cannot be transferred.”

"Daily Economic News" reporter searched on the Internet with the "quality of Apple data cable" as a keyword, and found that users who are easily damaged by Apple's data cable are very common. On Sina Weibo, "How do you look at Apple?" The data line is vulnerable to damage? The results of the survey also confirmed this. According to the results of the participation of 1,543 people, about 84% of users believe that the Apple data line is “really too easy to break, and Apple needs to resolve it as soon as possible”.

According to Apple's official website, the one-meter-long "Lightning to USB" cable is priced at 149 yuan, while the two-meter-long is 228 yuan, but the most difficult for users to accept is the quality and price of hundreds of dollars. It is not proportional.

The reporter visited the Apple Direct Store in Shenzhen. The store staff said that the mobile phone data cable that is still under the one-year warranty period (requires the purchase certificate) is free to replace. However, it is worth noting that the customer service staff said that only in the case of "non-human damage", Apple can provide warranty, mainly refers to the data line that looks intact, but can not be used normally, and the common break of the data line, "peeling", etc. The phenomenon is not covered by the warranty.

Apple's official customer service staff told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that after the data line is damaged during the warranty period, the user has two options: First, contact the dealer to replace; Second, go to the repair point for maintenance, but under normal circumstances Will choose to replace.

During the conversation, the customer service staff told reporters that there were a lot of consumers coming to replace the data line, and said that they had already replaced two or three data lines. The customer service staff recommended to the reporter to use the data lines produced by domestic third-party companies, including domestic brands such as Wopin and D8, but the price is higher than the original products.