China's Zipper Industry : One Generation And One Road

- Jan 31, 2019-

After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China has become a big zipper in the world. From the introduction of equipment to the export of products, the Chinese zipper industry has gone through a “zipper output” development path. Up to today, China's zipper industry is entering a new stage of development through transformation and upgrading, from the zipper power to the development of zipper power, from the production of low-quality cheap zippers to high value-added zipper market. China's zipper industry is using high quality, multi-quality, big brands to reshape the new competitiveness of China's zippers.

According to statistics from the zipper industry association, the apparel industry is the main market for zippers, accounting for about 60% of the global RM30 billion zipper sales. In 2016, China's zipper sales were about 40 billion yuan and the output was 45 billion meters. However, from a global perspective, the mid- to high-end market of clothing zippers has long been monopolized by multinational corporations. China's zipper enterprises only occupy a small share, which does not match the status of China's zipper producing countries, and also greatly suppresses China's zipper industry. The space for development.

In order for the garment industry to recognize the zippers made in China, we must carry out the transformation and upgrading of products according to the requirements of the reform of the supply side structure of the country. The quality is excellent and the services are in place. This requires the zipper enterprises to make unremitting efforts, trust comes from strength, and the brand comes from In the quality, the zipper is refined, the quality is excellent, the service is done well, the consumer is satisfied, and the customer is assured. At the same time, we must also increase the promotion of national zipper brand, let the consumers know: China's zipper enterprises' existing production technology level, management service capabilities, shouldered social responsibilities, the quality of zippers produced is no better than foreign brands Poor, some varieties and services produced by Chinese zipper companies even exceed multinational companies. The understanding of "good zipper, made in China" is gradually being recognized by customers.

The world-famous "One Belt, One Road" international cooperation is in full swing in the international community. This is a big picture, a big platform, a big future, and the impact is very broad and far-reaching. It will not only bring the very fragile world economy. Positive influences will also promote cultural exchanges around the world and maintain social stability. The essence of the "spirit of the Silk Road" is peace, cooperation and mutual benefit. The impact is not only limited to the economic, political and cultural spheres, but also benefits the entire society.

China's zipper industry should be in line with the “Belt and Road”, which is the choice facing the industry in the new era. As a traditional industry, there have been several large industrial transfers in history. This transfer is devastating for most zipper companies, and it is a rebirth for the zipper industry, with bigger and better development of. Today, from the perspective of big data, China's zipper industry and related industries have begun to “go out”. It is foreseeable that the transfer of the zipper industry will happen in China sooner or later, only a matter of time and depth. In response to the national strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, Chinese zipper enterprises have taken the initiative to seek new cooperation and development space, which is the best way to find and respond to future challenges.

The Chinese economy has maintained a relatively fast growth rate and will continue to do so. This has brought a certain development space for the Chinese zipper industry. Therefore, the Chinese zipper industry has maintained relatively stable development over the years, but relative to the market space. In fact, we also see that some zipper demand is shifting abroad, and this is a normal trend, irreversible. If Chinese zipper companies do not follow up, they will lose this part of the market. The “Belt and Road” brings cooperation and win-win, and shared development. From the countries related to the “Belt and Road” in recent years, the economy has been well supported and markedly developed, and the prospects for the future are even more promising. This is a promising market. The zipper has no borders. From the perspective of global zipper demand, foreign market demand is greater than the domestic market, and the brand and value are higher than the domestic market. Therefore, our main battlefield in the future should be in the international market.

In the past, we wanted to go out, but in terms of technology, financial resources, talents and management, we still do not have these conditions. The external policy environment and investment risks are very big. Today, the international community has a consensus, and our company has a better The foundation, talents have a certain reserve, economic globalization has become a big trend, and if you do not grasp well, you will lose the best market development opportunities. In recent years, the zipper equipment produced in China has been exported to foreign countries. Some advanced zipper production equipments are almost simultaneously launched with the domestic market. If our zipper enterprises do not go out quickly, we will gradually reduce the foreign market, even It is lost. If we do not have an advantage in the mainstream market, domestic zipper companies will not be able to talk about development. "Bringing the group out to sea", cooperation and development, and actively integrating with the international market, this is a new opportunity for the growth of China's zipper industry in the new era, new space, we should make a difference, we can make a big difference.

We can do great things.