A Hidden Tracker In The Beautiful Keychain,a New Scam?

- Jan 10, 2019-

(Reporter Wang Jiazhuo) "Someone is making a beautiful keychain on the street. It is a tracker. Please don't take it home, tell our friends and family, new tricks, please be alert." Nearly two days This news has been circulated in the circle of many people's friends. Even a property company has kindly posted this "warm reminder" in the building. What is the truth? The reporter found that this is another rumor, we should not believe it.

"After careful reading, some can't stand the scrutiny. What does the scammer give to this kind of tracker? What is the way to scam? It's not clear, it's a fog," said Mr. Sun. The reporter found that this is an old rumor that appeared in 2014, when many media and websites have been rumored.

The reporter learned from the software development business, in theory, it is feasible to hide the tracker in the keychain, but the remote tracker must have power and signal transmitter, if you want to make the remote tracker keychain So small, technically, the requirements are very high. It must be used in conjunction with the communication services provided by the communication carrier. Most of these products on the market currently need to purchase a SIM card, and the SIM card is installed in the keychain to complete the assembly. Even so, the ability to implement location tracking is difficult because it can only receive signals and cannot transmit signals. If the signal is sent by the device alone, the tracking range is too small and it is very difficult.

The more critical issue is that some online stores do sell keychain trackers, but the price is high, the price is between 200 yuan and 800 yuan, mostly for the elderly and children at home. One such keychain will cost a few hundred yuan. The liar will carry a few hundred thousand keychains for free to send a large amount of blood. Are they willing?

This is an old rumor, and the public should not worry too much. However, the Morning News still reminds people, especially the elderly and children. When you go out, don't just accept the gifts from others. Now some merchants give free gifts to the elderly and children to induce consumption. Everyone must pay attention.