zipper tips

- Jan 30, 2019-

1. First find the installation direction, there is a small bump on the zipper, facing up, don't admit it wrong, so the zipper installed is not smooth.

2. With the narrow head of the zipper head facing down, the thick head is facing upwards, and the zipper teeth are pulled into the zipper, and the zipper head is basically flush with the zipper, and then it can not be pulled.

3. Grasp the edge of the cloth with both hands, and use a little force to separate the zipper teeth, then pull the zipper head and the zipper head is loaded.

4. Prepare a vise and unplug the excess teeth.

5. Prepare a needle-nosed pliers, two U

6. Use a needle-nosed pliers to cover the U-shaped code on the edge of the cloth, and then clamp it so that the U-shaped code is fixed on the edge of the cloth. When the zipper pulls up, it will not fall off.

7. Use a vise to pull out the excess teeth at the end of the zipper and prepare a letter code.

8. Clamp the I-code with a vise and fix it on the edge of the cloth so that the zipper tail is fixed.

9. Select the favorite pull-tab into the small hook above the zipper head (remember that some of the pull-tabs have a smaller ring, then you need a small ring to connect the drop-down chain and pull-tab), then Clamp with pliers. If you want to change the pull tab, use the pliers to open the small hook above, you can change the head. You can also use lace scissors to cut out the beautiful sawtooth, which is exactly the same as the finished zipper, and the advantage of the finished zipper is how long it takes to fit the bag.