Zipper classification

- Sep 15, 2019-

Zippers can have many classification criteria

By material

Nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper.

1. Nylon zipper: invisible zipper, threaded zipper, back waterproof zipper, non-heart zipper, double bone zipper, braided zipper, etc.

2. Resin zipper: gold (silver) tooth zipper, transparent zipper, translucent zipper, animal light zipper, bud zipper, diamond zipper.

3. Metal zipper: aluminum zipper, copper zipper (brass, white copper, bronze, copper, etc.), black nickel zipper.

By variety

1 Closed tail zipper

2. Open tail zipper (left and right insert)

3. Double closed tail zipper (X or O)

4. Double tail zipper (left and right insert)

5. Double tail zipper (X or O)

6. Unilateral opening and closing (left and right insertion, limited to nylon and resin, common for the cap)

Classified by specification

0#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8#, 9#, 10#, 20#........30#, the size of the model is proportional to the size of the zipper teeth .

By structure

1 closed zipper. The back code is fixed and can only be pulled from the front end. In the fully open state of the zipper, the two chain belts cannot be separated by the rear code connection. Suitable for ordinary bags.

2 open zipper. A locking member is provided at the lower end of the fastener chain without a rear code. When the locking piece is locked, it is equivalent to the closed zipper, and the pulling head is pulled against the locking member to separate the locking members, and the chain belt can be separated. Applicable to clothing or items that are often pulled apart.

3 double zippers. There are two sliders that can be opened or closed from either end. Pull the two sliders against the lock to separate them and open them completely. Suitable for large bags, bedding, tents, etc.

By function

1 Self-locking zipper

2. Lockless zipper

3. Semi-automatic lock zipper

4. Concealed zipper

Metal zipper

Single point teeth: ordinary teeth, Y teeth, square teeth.

Double teeth: corn teeth, European teeth