zipper basics knowledge

- Mar 13, 2019-

1. What is a zipper?

The connecting member is composed of two flexible fastener belts which can be engaged with each other and a slider which can be repeatedly pulled and pulled.

2, the type of zipper?

Open zipper and closed tail zipper.

3. What is a closed-end zipper?

When the zipper is pulled apart, the two chain links cannot be completely separated.

4. What is the open tail zipper?

When the zipper is pulled apart, the two chain links can be completely separated.

5. What is the level of strength?

The ultimate force applied to the lateral direction of the element and the tape under specified conditions.

6. What is the tail pull flat strength?

Applying laterally to the end of the fastener chain, it pulls open the ultimate force that breaks the tail.

7. What is the power of the socket?

Pull the socket from the longitudinal direction of the fastener chain to the ultimate force of damage.

8. What is the pull and smoothness?

Under the specified conditions, pull the maximum force of the zipper process.

9. What is the pull head and the pull-tab combination?

Pull the pull tab from the vertical direction of the slider body to break the ultimate force of damage.

10. What is the load pull?

The number of times the zipper can reciprocate under the specified lateral and longitudinal tensions.

11. What is the current code standard for zipper industry in China?

Metal zipper: QB/T2171-2001

Injection zipper: QB/T2172-2001

Nylon zipper: QB/T2173-2001

12. What does BS3084 mean?

The British zipper is accurate.

13. What does ASTM 2061 mean?

The American Society for Testing and Materials' zipper standards.

14. What does DIN 3419 mean?

German car zipper standard.

15. What is the material used for metal zipper teeth?

Aluminum alloy, brass, white copper, zinc alloy, etc.