- Jan 08, 2019-

The zipper is divided into the material of the chain: metal, resin, nylon (including invisible); according to the shape of the zipper: closed tail, open tail, double tail; according to the chain combined width: 3 #, #4, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10. Pulling head: A part of a zipper or a zipper that, under the action of force, causes the two identical elements to be regularly engaged or separated. The main shape of the pull tab: butterfly head, rotating head, elephant head, double pull head, ordinary square head and so on.

The slider consists of: base, pull tab (pull), link, cap, etc. The types of sliders are divided into resin sliders, metal sliders, nylon sliders, and invisible sliders. They differ in shape. The appearance of the resin slider is rounded or butterfly-shaped in a large and small shape; the appearance of the metal slider The edges and corners are distinct, the upper and lower cloth seams are consistent, the base pin lock holes are divided into left and right, and there is no upper and lower rib line; the nylon slider has a slender streamline shape, and the cloth seam is wide and narrow (reversely opposite), with upper and lower ribs The line and the lower rib line are obvious. The characteristics of the slider: the slider is divided into a needle lock head, a lockless head, a spring head, a self-locking head and the like according to characteristics. Pulling head function: The selection of the slider is generally based on the fabric, style and use of the garment. The ordinary sill zipper generally uses an automatic head. The down jacket and the double-faced top are available with a rail head. The metal spring head is mostly used in jeans. The elephant trunk is mostly used for luggage and tent zippers.

  Surface treatment of the slider: one is electroplating: it is divided into two types: hanging plating (hanging plating) and barrel plating. Among them, the surface of the hanging plating product has good brightness, uniform plating and high grade; the surface of the barrel plating is relatively inferior, but The patina series such as green bronze, red bronze, ancient silver, etc. are suitable for the barrel plating process and have an antique effect. The other is spray paint: hand spray, roll spray and composite spray. The surface of the hand spray paint is smooth, not easy to fall off the paint, relatively acid resistant; the surface effect of the machine spray is relatively rough, and the paint fastness is worse than the paint spray; the composite spray is a new spray paint process.