What should I pay attention to when using the waterproof zipper

- Mar 21, 2019-

1: Pay attention to dry cleaning: Due to the variety of dry cleaning chemicals, the dry cleaning conditions of waterproof zippers are likely to be different from the dry cleaning conditions of fabrics.

2: Pay attention when washing: In order to avoid damage to the waterproof membrane during washing, the waterproof zipper must be pulled and washed. When drying, please dry naturally.

3: When ironing, you need to pay attention: ironing is likely to cause the waterproof film to fall off, please try to avoid ironing. If you need to iron, please put on a thin cloth and operate.

4: Pay attention to the packaging of finished clothing: In order to prevent the color on the zipper from spreading to the inner fabric of the clothing during transportation, please use the packaging paper between the clothing and the clothing and inside the clothing during packaging.

5: Avoid lightening of the color: Do not place the product in direct sunlight, otherwise the product will become lighter, yellower and other abnormalities. Due to the nature of the polyurethane, the color of the zipper may be darker with the color of the rubber surface.