PVC luggage tag

- Jan 07, 2019-

PVC soft luggage tag refers to the luggage tag made of PVC soft rubber material. PVC soft luggage tag is usually made by the glue dispensing process, which is different from the hard PVC luggage tag in the production process (hard PVC luggage tag is usually made by injection molding and high frequency process). PVC soft plastic luggage tag on the surface of the cartoon character or company LOGO can be made into embossed effect, bumpy, true color and will not fade. In addition, it has the characteristics of low production cost, durability and dirt resistance. These advantages make PVC soft Li brand the most widely used luggage tag.


There are more and more people traveling now, and there are many different ways. Whether it is long-distance travel or long-distance travel, there will always be a bunch of luggage brought in, and in order to avoid the messy loss of many luggage, luggage tag is widely used in various Stations, airports, hotels, waiting rooms, etc. So what is a luggage tag? The baggage tag is used to identify the belonging of the baggage. The sign with the number, name, letter and other signs made of various materials is used as the voucher for the baggage claim. When used on a suitcase, you can remind others not to take the wrong ones, and you can quickly find yourself in a large amount of luggage, even if the luggage is lost, you can let the airport staff contact you.


The PVC luggage tag is wear-resistant and easy to clean. It is the logo of the luggage bag. It can be used in the luggage storage area or used by itself. It can also be printed with other concave and convex patterns or text. Fashionable, unique style, diverse colors, fashion trends.

Application range:

Mainly used in hotels, luggage, exhibitions, visits, membership cards, VIP cards, bank cards and other industries.

The main application logo, exhibition, hotel, checked baggage, hostel, card label label.

Luggage tag product extension:

Bus IC card sets, bank card sets, work permit sets, student ID sets, etc., because the length and width of the back plate openings can be adjusted at will, so no matter what the documents or cards, they can help them make a coat.