The trick of buying a good quality waterproof zipper

- Jan 28, 2019-

The main factors to consider when choosing a waterproof zipper are: the aesthetics of the product and the practical effect of waterproofing. Waterproof zippers should be considered from the following aspects:

1. The waterproof zipper film does not tear.

2, the degree of smoothness, it is generally believed that the better the zipper smoothness, the better the quality of the waterproof zipper zipper.

3, waterproof zipper film surface is smooth, delicate, with a smooth feeling similar to leather, this is the appearance of high-quality waterproof zipper.

4, waterproof effect: the size of the seam is directly related to the waterproof zipper waterproof effect is good, too big is obviously not waterproof, lost the meaning of the waterproof zipper itself.

5, the color waterproof zipper color difference is small, the difference between the color and the fabric of the zipper tape is the color difference, the film surface color and the cloth surface color, the color difference is controlled within 5%.

6, the service life, the quality of the film attached to the waterproof zipper is directly related to the service life of the waterproof zipper.