The classification of the label

- Aug 23, 2019-

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Tag is a kind of Internet content organization. It is a highly relevant keyword. It helps people to easily describe and classify content for easy retrieval and sharing. Tag has become an important element of web 2.0.

The label decentralizes the organization rights of the content from the website manager to the user, fully embodying the characteristics of web 2.0 bottom-up and user participation.

If you've visited Flickr (pictures), Technorati (blogs), and other web 2.0 sites, you'll find that websites use tags to display content, and users use tags to describe content and retrieve relevant content.

The physical label is a brief sign used to indicate the item's name, weight, volume, and usage. There are traditional printed labels and modern barcode printing labels.

Scope of application:

Packing: taro label, postal parcel, letter packaging, shipping goods label, envelope address label.

Electrical appliances: internal labels for mobile phones, various electrical labels, laptop labels, and mechanical and electrical products labels.

Commodities: price tags, product description tags, shelf labels, bar code labels, drug labels.

Management: book labels, vehicle inspection labels, security labels, property labels.

Office: document document label, file storage label, various items and stationery label.