The characteristics of the resin zipper are introduced

- Mar 19, 2019-

1. Restriction code selection of resin zipper: The upper and lower ends must be fastened to the microphone teeth or clamped on the microphone teeth, which must be guaranteed to be strong and perfect.

2, resin zipper pull head selection: metal zipper pull head more style, the finished product can be small and detailed, but also rough and majestic. However, no matter what kind of slider, it is necessary to feel whether the pull of the slider is free, and whether the zipper can not be pulled or closed. The resin sliders currently on the market are equipped with self-locking devices, so after pulling the zipper, it is necessary to check whether the zipper will slide down when the lower lock is fixed.

3, the choice of cloth: Because the raw material of the metal resin zipper tape is composed of different kinds of silk threads such as polyester thread, stitch, and core wire, its component and colorability are different, so it is easy to produce on the same zipper. The color difference is different. At this time, when selecting the tape, it is necessary to select the dyeing uniformity, and there is no turbidity point. The cloth tapes made of different fabrics are mainly soft to the touch.

4, the choice of the microphone teeth: the metal zipper's microphone teeth are also electroplated, so you must pay attention to whether the surface plating is uniform, there is no color flower phenomenon, whether it is smooth when pulling the zipper up and down. After the zipper is pulled, it must be observed whether the left and right teeth are engaged with each other. The asymmetric zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of the zipper.