The Benefits Of The Nylon Coil Zipper

- Aug 11, 2019-

                  edit: Yi Wu Ding Qiang Import And Export Co,.Ltd    Update:August 11 2019.

Stronger horizontal strength is effortlessly achieved with the fabrication of coil zipper. These zippers are also great because of their ease of repair. Even a tooth that gets out of the alignment can be fixed flawlessly. Zipping and unzipping past the point of misaligned tooth easily repairs the nylon monofilament and the tooth efficiently fixes itself. Another advantage of nylon zippers is its two-way functionality. The sliders can be fixed in either direction of the zipper chain and they will still function smoothly.

Coil zippers are the commonest type of zippers that are lightweight, heat resistant and rustproof. Therefore, they last long and work exceptionally well in whatever product they are used.

Apart from high compatibility and strong construction, there are other numerous benefits of nylon coil zippers too. This is the reason why nylon zippers are preferably considered for various applications.

1.Wide Gauge Range

The nylon coil zippers come in wide range of gauges and widths of the teeth. The teeth keep enlarging with the higher number of the gauge. From #2 to #25, nylon coil zippers have the widest range of the gauge. So, they can be vigilantly picked for either prom dress or for a heavy duffle bag.

2.Bidirectional Use of Sliders

This is the biggest advantage of coil zippers. The slider can be incorporated on either direction and it will work properly. However, one of the directions is better than the other; they work quite well for both of them.

3.Self-Heal Property

While other zippers may become useless once they are impaired, nylon zippers have the tendency to self-repair. Even when some of the teeth misaligns and gets out of the regular positioning, moving the slider past that point will automatically reposition it to its original place.

4.Increased Durability

Nylon is a top-quality material and thus it ensures increased durability of the zipper. Nylon zippers are very good for almost all the outdoor apparels but they must not be used with things associated with security.


The nylon itself is extremely light in weight and therefore the entire assembly of nylon coil zippers remains lightweight. This property allows them to be used in number of products like clothing for added comfort.

6.Fire Resistant

Nylon is an impressive material that effectively resists fire. Thus, nylon coil zippers are fire resistant and hard wearing. But these zippers can melt, shrink and react with moisture easily.