silicone luggage tags

- Jan 21, 2019-

Silicone luggage tag

Silicone luggage tag is used for luggage storage identification of major supermarkets, factory identification, large-scale item storage warehouse identification, and logistics company package identification.

Silicone luggage tag

Also known as silicone luggage tag, silicone certificate card, silicone tag

It is a kind of silica gel product made of silica gel material for silicone document packaging and identification.


1. Baggage silica gel has the characteristics of good adhesion, high strength, soft and delicate handfeel, strong stereoscopic effect, beautiful decorative effect, excellent performance, non-toxic and harmless.

2: Environmental protection.

3: Can print a variety of effects. Bright/matte, right angle/rounded.

4: Printable color. Do not delaminate when printing the color.

5, made of silica gel, can be used on both sides of LOGO or printed LOGO, the color can be a variety of choices, a variety of shapes, product weather resistance, not easy to change color. Widely used in accessories such as clothing, shoes and hats, it is one of the best choices for displaying brands. It can also be made into crafts alone, stylish and simple.


The vulcanized rubber has stable dimensionality, good mold release property, high adhesion to the cloth, convenient use, small viscosity of the rubber compound, low linear shrinkage, resistance to pulling, strong flexibility, excellent ozone and ultraviolet aging resistance, and good three-dimensional effect. Non-toxic, tasteless, and very biocompatible. It is specially used for the production of silicone rubber garment signs. It can be used as a trademark separately, and can also be used for pressing cloth, pressing leather and metal, paper, plastic, glass, leather and other trademarks and anti-slip coating.


1. This product should avoid the organotin catalyst of another type of silicone rubber during the operation. Otherwise, the catalyst of this product will fail and the rubber will not be vulcanized. Chemicals that may cause the product to be non-vulcanized include amines, sulfur- and phosphorus-containing compounds, and some metal salts.

2. This product should avoid moisture intrusion during storage and use. The storage period is more than 6 months.

3. The apparent viscosity of this product may increase during storage, but its fluidity can be restored under shearing (stirring).