PVC luggage tags

- Jan 05, 2019-

Luggage tags, as the name implies, often carry baggage at airports, public transportation railways, stations, etc., and some signs with signs are used. There are many kinds of materials for this kind of brand. There are letters, numbers, codes and other markers on the top to distinguish some kinds of documents such as passengers from hosting or collecting things. Address cards, registration cards, label billboards, etc., which people often say, can be called luggage tags, because it brings many convenience benefits to people, and is now widely used in the market.

So what is the classification of the luggage tag? The material of the luggage tag is more commonly used PVC, PU, which is divided into hard and soft PVC, as well as ABS.

The hard PVC sheet is usually printed on the front side. It can be a trademark of some companies, or it can be a more complicated pattern, or other cute, small and fresh patterns. The baggage tag of this material is a hard PVC luggage tag, which is usually made of PVC film and transparent film through a certain process, which is convenient to use.

Soft PVC back is usually ABS luggage tag glued, you can put some small cards and so on, transparent film can also write some information, very convenient. You can put a special small bag of luggage tag, and then wrap it in an opp bag, which is very high grade. 

The PC luggage tag is made of PC material, which can be printed with patterns, some words, and some patterns. ABS has more types, mainly based on the designer's point of view.

PVC soft plastic luggage tag because of its low cost, and very resistant to dirt, the surface can also be made into a variety of effects, the color is bold and true, such as can be made into a kind of relief similar to the convex and concave effect, very nice, it It is made by the process of dispensing glue. Usually the hard PVC luggage tag is made by injection molding. It is precisely because of these characteristics that the most commonly used on the market is the PVC soft luggage tag.