plastic steel zipper

- Feb 28, 2019-

The characteristics of the plastic steel zipper chain are rough and concise, the texture is tough, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and colorful. The zipper is suitable for a wide temperature range. In addition, because the tooth surface area of the element is large, it is conducive to embellish the artificial diamond or gemstone on the element of the element, which makes the zipper more beautiful and adds value, and becomes a practical craft ornament. The shortcoming is also the block structure of the chain element, the tooth shape is large, the softness is not enough, and the feeling of roughness is rough. The smoothness of the pull is slightly lower than that of other types of zippers of the same model, so that the injection zipper is in use. There are certain restrictions on it. However, since the price of the injection zipper is relatively moderate, the amount is large.

The scope of application of plastic steel zipper is more suitable for the clothing of the jacket according to its characteristics. Such as jackets, ski cedars, down jackets, children's wear, overalls, military training uniforms and other thicker clothing.