metal keychain customized shape and material classification

- Jan 19, 2019-

What is the shape of a custom keychain?

1. Cartoon doll shape keychain:

Many companies pay special attention to the brand image and have their own independent cartoon image design, so that they can be made into physical dolls. Cute cartoons are lifelike, like a smart elf, worn around, bringing you better luck.

Pvc soft plastic keychain

The scale advantage in the industry brings a very competitive price.

The cost of mold opening is low, the speed can be as fast as two days, and the production time of large goods can be as fast as one week.

Finished products such as product materials meet European and American testing standards, and can be tested by RoHS CE, REACH, 16P, EN-71, CPSIA, FDA.

2. Round square keychain shape keychain

This kind of printing is usually used as an advertising keychain. Generally, it can be printed with promotional information as a keychain for advertising promotion. This kind of low cost, wide spread and easy to save. This type of advertising keychain is quite wide in material selection, and can be made into a metal keychain, a pvc soft keychain, an acrylic keychain, and the like.

What types of keychains can be divided into materials?

1. PVC soft rubber keychain, which is strong in plasticity. It can be customized according to the size and shape that I want. The mold opening fee is not too expensive. The jewelry store has the most material; the defect is easy to become dull.

2, acrylic keychain, also known as plexiglass, sub-import and domestic data, hollow and solid, is clear, the center can put colorful paper into; the hardness of acrylic determines the wear level of the keychain. Acrylic appearances currently below 3H are easy to spend. The best new materials for sanitary ware can be made after ceramics.

3, zinc alloy keychain, zinc alloy is also one of the plasticity of the plastic, the ordinary appearance of the oil after the drop or plating rare metal for anti-rust treatment.

4, leather lamp keychain, sewn with leather, divided into leather, imitation leather, PU, a keychain with small lights embedded in the center, night or gloomy local can also be used for lighting;

5, solar keychain, the center has solar panels, the sun shines, the pattern inside is looming;

6, ABS material three-dimensional keychain, open an injection mold, injection molding with ABS material, and then coloring, due to the cost of mold opening, the number of ordinary to do is larger. Better than PVC quality.

7, crystal keychain, ordinary artificial crystal as information, can be made into a variety of shape crystal keychain, the cost of ordinary one to several tens of dollars. Crystal is the favorite of the hipsters. There is a singer: "I like you, like crystal.