Lace basics

- Mar 09, 2019-

Generally speaking, lace refers to warp-knitted lace, which is a kind of textile process belonging to the field of knitting. Using one or several sets of yarns arranged in parallel, on the working needles of the warp feeding machine, and simultaneously forming a knitted fabric by forming a loop, the method is called warp knitting, and the formed knitted fabric is called warp knitting, forming The knitted fabric is called warp knit. Warp-knitted lace is a strip of lace and lace fabric woven by warp knitting machine.

Because lace is designed in the production process, it can be used in a wide range of life. Clothing, curtains, bed covers and other daily necessities often see this design. The lace of the curtain is completely different from the special lace. The lace is vivid and floating, and the special lace will be heavy and complicated. These laces appear in the form of small flowers in the surrounding area of the curtains. This way, the curtains will not look rigid. This kind of lace is soft and feels more comfortable to touch, and it makes it more three-dimensional.

Mesh lace is the name of the lace made by the mesh cloth, but its display form is different from the mesh we usually see, not a grid form. Like other laces, it is also a piece of fabric, but the mesh lace is a thin and cool route. Although thin, the mesh lace does not look like a three-dimensional one. Mesh lace production process requirements are not high, relying on lace machinery to embroider on the mesh cloth, according to the design originally set up the artwork, in the input to the lace machine, the production of mesh lace is as simple as a few steps can be produced.

Although the cost is low, because the pattern looks flat, the consumer spending idea is not very high. Mesh lace is generally more common on tablecloths, duvet covers, and pillowcases because it looks flat. The current consumer's point of view is that lace is the decorative lace next to the clothing, which is stylish and beautiful, similar to the shape of a flower. In fact, as long as the embroidered fabric, can be counted as lace, perhaps lace, lace fabric. The lace used on clothing refers to a variety of laces, transliterated from English lace. Lace is mostly produced by machines, which is what we usually call warp knitting machines. The warp knitting machine warp knitting machine is formed by using one or several sets of yarns arranged in parallel, on the working needles of the warp feeding machine, and forming a knitted fabric at the same time, which is called warp knitting. Knitted fabrics are called warp knits.

For example, commonly used warp knitting machines include tricot warp knitting machines and raschel warp knitting machines. Warp knitting machines are commonly used to weave tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains, blankets, lace, women's inner and outer clothes, fishing nets, packaging bags and other knitted fabrics with complex structure. The production of lace fabric is a relatively complicated process, unlike some traditional Chinese laces, such as cotton lace, embroidery lace, etc. are hooked or embroidered. It is made of silk or yarn according to a certain pattern. It is necessary to put the thread on a small shuttle. Each shuttle has only the size of a thumb. A less complex pattern requires dozens or nearly a hundred such shuttles, and a larger pattern requires hundreds of shuttles. Lace is made by the machine, and the laces we have here are all carefully selected.