How to use the luggage tag

- Mar 02, 2019-

Why are some people traveling by air not tearing off the luggage tag on the box? What is the special significance?
We all know that the plane is now the fastest vehicle in the world. Although China's high-speed rail is relatively developed now, the speed of the high-speed rail is not comparable to that of an airplane. Compared to some distant journeys, airplanes are the first choice. Anyone who has had a flight experience knows that we will be allowed to check some luggage when we are on the plane, and some small luggage can be taken on board. Great luggage needs to be checked.

Before the baggage is checked, the baggage needs to be inspected before it can be checked in. There are some dangerous goods, and the inflammable and explosive items cannot be checked. At the same time, when the counter is checked, the teller will be in the line, and some labels will be put on the box as the identification of each baggage. It is called the air baggage tag. This baggage tag is very big and very important. Only through this, luggage tag, you know which flight your baggage belongs to.
If you accidentally mistake this baggage tag, then your baggage may be sent to another city, or other airlines. This will result in the loss of luggage. Therefore, this baggage tag must be affixed to each suitcase. Some people will tear off the label on the bag when they get the baggage. Some people don't like to tear off the baggage tag on the box. What is the reason?

First of all,People will go to many places in their lives, and they can go to those places. In addition to buying some souvenirs or taking pictures, they can make a circle of friends and leave some impressions.
The luggage tag can also be used as proof that you have been to that place. Especially for some people who love to travel, they will go to many places. If you leave these luggage tags on the suitcase, when you look at your suitcase one day, you will find that you have gone so much at once. Places, walking through so many cities, I will see a different feeling in my heart.

Secondly, there is a possibility that if these baggage tags are torn off, there may be some glue left on the trunk, which is very bad, cares, and very ugly. So some people simply don't care about it, and it doesn't matter if it is attached to it. In fact, it is not without impact. If you do not tear off the luggage tag on your suitcase, it is very likely that when you check in your baggage, the consignee will mistake your previous baggage tag as your luggage tag for today's airline. Then your baggage is likely to be shipped to other cities.
Although it is unlikely that this will happen, if you want to keep your baggage safe, it is better to have these baggage cards cleaned up when you land. If you want to keep it as a commemoration, you can tear off these luggage tags and stick them in a fixed place. In this case, no mistakes will occur.