Colorful PVC Keychain

- Jan 18, 2019-

What is the composition of the PVC keychain? What is the use?

The PVC keychain is a practical keychain and a decorative item that can be used to string together sporadic keys to prevent them from being thrown away. The pvc keychain is made of environmentally-friendly soft pvc by means of epoxy (a production process, micro-injection). Made up of pvc soft rubber finished product + metal ring combination:

1. The use of PVC keychain: Keychain can be used for your own accessories, own supplies, company company gifts, small gifts, shopping malls promotional items, promotional items, gifts, small gifts.

2. Product features: PVC soft rubber + metal buckle, beautiful and durable, strong three-dimensional sense, bright color, delicate, fashionable, high-grade, fashionable, not easy to break, never fade, green, and gentle Wenwen will not be any The object has a negative effect.

3. The goods can be customized according to the customer's request, different standards, colors, thickness, level, packaging, etc., can be customized LOGO, such products are widely used in all walks of life advertising promotions, gifts! Is the business as a promotional gift Preferred.

4. LED light keychain can be inserted into the sleeve, at the handle of the key can be glued various card pictures and manufacturers advertising LGO, installed inside the LED lights can be illuminated at night, so as not to see the keys at night Hole cannot be accurately opened 

What are the characteristics of PVC keychains?

I believe that many people are not very familiar with promotional products, but how many people really understand the PVC keychain, and how many consumers know the specific characteristics, let us understand the specific features below!

There are many kinds of PVC keychains, such as plastic keychains, hardware keychains, PVC softkey keychains, etc., but there are not many keychains that can be made of PVC, and the characteristics are less and less. I believe that many people know the material of PVC plastic keychain, but his characteristic is that people have a very simple feeling. If we want to embody his colorful side of the craft, it can be done, but the above spray The color will be easy to fade, the color of the paint sprayed on it does not have certain environmental recognition, and it will have more or less harm to the human body. Therefore, this type of PVC plastic keychain must be given to our children when playing. careful.

PVC keychain now has a lot of space in the market. He is loved by children, young people, middle-aged people, the elderly, and all walks of life. These products can be processed according to the customer's artwork and can be given to guests. Bringing unexpected gains, the market share of environmentally friendly PVC keychains in Japan is very large. Everyone in Japan knows that they like cartoon characters, and more than 90% of them are products of this series. The products show a sense of life, and the bright colors can fill the curiosity of consumers. 

Each product has different characteristics and different values. Therefore, we only know the characteristics of the PVC keychain, so we will not be so confused when choosing such products, in order to choose a satisfactory one. Product, you must understand his characteristics.