Classification and production of embroidery coasters

- Mar 04, 2019-


English: Coasters

Pinyin: bei dian.

Generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public eating places, can be used as advertising accessories to enhance the image. The colorful plastic coasters are added to the company and the corporate LOGO is more prominent, closer to people's lives, and the strong friction prevents the glass and porcelain cups from slipping. It also protects the desktop from burns.


Coasters can be divided into the following types by material:

1. Paper coasters are usually not washable with water due to their fragile nature, usually disposable;

2, wooden coasters Wooden coasters are more practical, but also more durable, but the color and type are too monotonous;

3, plastic coasters made of PVC plastic plastic coasters, a variety of shapes, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation models, etc., add company, corporate LOGO is more prominent, not only practical, but also play well Visual effects and advertising effects. In addition, the coaster made of PP material, and the coaster with PP top surface and EVA bottom surface combination are also popular in foreign countries.

4, metal coasters Mainly tinplate-based, equally lightweight and durable.

5, the flower coaster draws the blooming flowers in nature, after finishing, processing, using special tools for dehydration, so that it maintains the original color, and then through the author's conception, design, paste into a new shape, Give it a new life.

6, silicone coaster As long as the use of food-grade silica gel is harmless and safe to the human body, so that the "multi-color integrated molding process" can achieve a more colorful appearance. It is one of the most popular advertising promotional gifts.

Coaster production editor

The coaster is made with simple and individual craftsmanship

1. Make a paper coaster and directly select the material according to the requirements.

2, the production of plastic coasters, the same is the choice of materials can also be tailored.

3, metal coaster Specific aesthetic requirements, if there is not much demand, you can buy some cheap and easy to handle aluminum can be tailored.

4, wooden coasters are also relatively simple, people who know a little sawing process can do.

5, the flower coaster with Epoxy as the flower crafts are the most beautiful. The keychains and chain pendants of the pressed flowers are all unique and exquisite. Just like amber, the crystal clear and colorful flowers bloom in it. In fact, it is not difficult to make such a handicraft. First, put the pressed flowers and plants in a fixed position, and then mix the A and B glues in a ratio of 1:3 (the transparent color is evenly distributed). Then, drop it on the placed flowers and plants. After it has dried naturally, it has successfully fixed the beauty. The whole crafts are so delicate that you can't see the traces of handwork. The most amazing thing is that the flower can not only freeze the original shape of the flowers, but also through the wonderful idea, you can also put the cut flowers and flowers into different patterns. For example, you can cut the morning glory into a little girl's fluttering skirt, cut the leaves into individual grapes, and turn the snapdragon into a soft willow branch. The most happy thing is that you can freely use your own preferences. Combine them into panels of different widths and hang them in the frame, which becomes a unique piece of art.

Of course, there are countless merchants specializing in the production of coasters. Coasters are a fast-moving consumer goods. The market is in short supply. Only domestic demand has exceeded the expectations of many companies. Therefore, it is the only strategy for enterprises to increase production.