beautician in life-electroplating

- Jan 17, 2019-

Perhaps many people have heard of the word "electroplating", but it is not clear what is "plating". Perhaps people don't know that we enjoy the results of electroplating every day. Small to a small screw, as large as cars, airplanes, ships are closely related to electroplating. It is blunt to say that if there is no electroplating, most of the metal products on the earth will soon become rusty and broken iron.

Electroplating is a "beautician" of metal surface treatment. It can obtain functional, decorative and protective metal film on various substrates. Its products are everywhere, no matter in which field or in Which aspect of people's clothing, food and shelter, even on you, can find the sparkle of electroplating results. Therefore, electroplating plays an important role in the national economic construction and is an indispensable part of the vast majority of industries in the production process, and it cannot be replaced by other processes.

The first protective decoration field. Many of the metal parts we use on a daily basis have a beautiful appearance, and are coated with one or more layers of metal or alloy on the surface. For example, the sanitary faucets and door handles we buy are mostly electroplated with copper/nickel/chrome plating; the artificial jewellery we wear is mostly electroplated with gold, gold, silver and other metal coatings or aluminum anodized. These coatings mainly serve as a decorative effect and also have certain protective properties.

The second area of anti-corrosion. These products are mainly used in a poor environment, emphasizing the corrosion resistance of the products; industrial and outdoor use. For example, galvanized sheet is a layer of zinc on the iron plate to improve the corrosion resistance of the iron plate; there is also chrome plating, which is also a widely used corrosion-resistant coating, such as the wheel rim of the old bicycle in the past; There are also electroless nickel plating, anodizing, and the like.

The third is to improve performance. Some materials have no special properties, and the plating indicates that a layer of this property is formed by electroplating, so that these materials have this special property. For example, we know that plastic is not conductive, but some special requirements require plastic conductive, so a special process is used to coat the surface of the plastic with a layer of conductive metal, so that the plastic has electrical conductivity.

The fourth special performance requirement. For example, the surface of the current technology materials is very demanding and needs to be wear-resistant, so the material indicates that a layer of wear-resistant material is applied. For example, some metals need to be self-lubricating, and a layer of graphite nanocomposite coating is applied on the surface of the material.

At this time, you may find that the electroplating process is really ubiquitous. There are too many things in life that need electroplating to complete. Our life is inseparable from electroplating.